Eye strain or really bad eye infection or both ?

by Lexi
(Carol stream, illinois)

Okay so for a while now like ever since may I think .. I have been experiancing something really weird with my eye .. Like when it's pitch dark and there's only a little light .. I open and close my eyes and all of a sudden I will see this like white glowy thing that expands to the side or the top and bottom part of my eyes .. And I'm seriously creeped out .. And yeah .. Like my mom told me it could be from my liquid eyeliner make up because I used to get it in my eyes all the time and I always used to put in on my lower eye lashes but now I found out your only suposed to put it on the top .. Plus this is what I have
- heavy eye feeling
- sensitive to light
- feels like something in my eye
- floaters like 1-5
- sometimes bloodshot

And yah .. Plus I always sleep with the light and tv on .. And I'm always looking at my iPod or phone like everyday .. So my mom said its probably eye strain .. And yeah I hope it is .. So can you please help me and see if you know what this is

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Nov 09, 2015
Eye strain or really bad eye infection or both ? NEW
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Oct 13, 2015
Infection NEW
by: Irina Rowser

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Jul 22, 2012
Answer NEW
by: Dr. Picken

Red, heavy feeling eyes that feel like there is something in them should be checked by an eye care provider. There are a range of conditions that can cause theses symptoms.

A new onset of floating spots in your vision is another good reason to get the eyes checked to rule out problems with the inner workings.

The light you are seeing when it's dark is probably an entopic phenomenon. It is a response by the eye to blood flow and metabolic fluctuations within the retina. The light sensitive cells produce errant signals that are sent to the brain and can be best thought of as 'noise in the system'.

As to your last question, screens on gadgets can be stressful to your eyes, that's true. But it is highly unlikely that they will cause any serious medical problems with the eyeballs and therefore cause you to lose vision.

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